Looking to buy Business card scanner into Microsoft Outlook ®? Scan2Contacts is the perfect scanning solutions for you.

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Business card scanner Scan2Contacts

Buy business cards scanner now!     Only:$189
A6 Simplex business card scanner
Business cards scanner
Hardware + Software

    Only: $189
A4 Simplex business card scanner
business card scanners
Hardware + Software

Fully integrated with:

The business card scanner scans directly to MicroSoft Oulook

1-Year Warranty

Free technical support.
Secure online payment.

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ScanShell 800NR
(business card scanner ) Specifications:
Dimensions (LxWxH) : 185mm x 52mm x 40mm
Weight : 210g (7.4 ounce)
Interface : USB
Optical Resolution : 600 dpi x 1200 dpi
Scanning Area: A6, Maximum 4.2" x 7.0" (107mm x 178mm)


Business card scanner and

software for Microsoft Outlook ®

Scan2Contacts saves you time and money!

Just feed the card into the Scanshell 800NR scanner
and a new contact record is created
Scan2Contacts features:
Any questions?
Please check our
Pre-sale FAQs or
Post-sale FAQs first.

Fully integrated into Microsoft Outlook
No need to install any 3rd party software
No need to learn any new software
Extracts both data and image
Only few seconds per scan
No more syncing or exporting
No external power needed
Auto-detect function
Fully mobile small business cards reader
Supports Windows 7

Scan2Contacts is easy to use and accurate, add-on scanning software for Microsoft Outlook ® contacts managemen by CSSN. The business card scanner scans business cards and automatically creates a new contact record. The textual data is extracted using OCR - Optical Character Recognition technology, and inserted to the appropriate contact fields and the image file of the card is attached.

Scan2Contacts works directly from within Outlook ®. It is fully integrated and while installing, a small toolbar is added to Outlook ® and is loaded while startup. Scan2Contacts is the only business card scanning package that does not require cards to be scanned into another application before the information can be entered into Outlook ®.

Scan2Contacts eliminates the need to manually type new leads into
Outlook ®. It creates complete and accurate contact information, in a few seconds. With its small footprint mobile ScanShell 800N OCR scanner, it is the ideal business card scanner and software.

Business card scanner.

Scan2Contacts is available with the optional hardware:ScanShell 2000N

Excellent solution for:
Sales persons who are traveling with their Laptops can easily use our portable business card scanner.
Exhibitors at trade shows and exhibitions booths. Exhibitors can scan immediately the business cards that they receive from the attendees, creating a contact list which makes it easier to handle the leads and do the follow up.
At offices of Consultants, SPAs, Freelancers an many more small businesses that want a simple handling of contacts without a need for any application or database except Microsoft Outlook ®.
The perfect addition to a Paperless Office - get rid of the business cards pile on your desk.
The perfect solution to anyone who needs to scan business cards to Outlook

Using Scan2Contacts:
Scan2Contactsadds a small toolbar to Outlook, which is loaded at Outlook's startup. The toolbar has two buttons:
Scan2Contacts button opens a Scan2Contacts window with version information, setup, and scanner's maintenance options.
State button which indicates the current state of the application. When the application loads, its state is set to Enabled by default.

When you use the business card scanner for the first time, you will be prompted to calibrate the it. The calibrating is also a good idea if you notice deterioration in scanning and OCR quality.

Scanning a business card is simple:
  • Feed the card into the scanner.
  • Wait until the card is scanned and processed.
  • A new contact window will open with the details of the business card. You can edit and save it manually or scan another card. In the latter case, the contact will be saved automatically.

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Scan2Contacts is the perfect business card scanner for you.

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