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Looking to buy a Business card scanner or ID Scanner? we have the perfect solutions for you.

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All the scanning solutions in one store:

Business Card scanner, ID scanner & Medical card scanner, Driver License scanner, Check scanner, Passport scanner, Portable scanner, Duplex scanner, Sheet fed scanner, Flatbed scanner, Magnetic card reader, Signature Pad.

What's new

SnapShell - Camera ID scanner
The SnapShell camera scanner is a revolutionary new tool for capturing driver's license information quickly and accurately. The easy-to-use SnapShell ID scanner uses a USB 2.0 connection and features no moving parts while requiring no calibration, making it a low maintenance solution that allows users to simply place their card face down on the window and allow the system to do the rest.
SnapShell product line:
SnapShell R2.
Camera ID scanner

Medicscan - Medical insurance card scanner
MedicScan® is a medical card scanner and software package. MedicScan® dramatically improves the efficiency and productivity of your current operations and reduces human errors by automating the archiving process and transferring images of medical cards into patient’s electronic forms.
MedicScan® product line:
MedicScan® , MedicScan® OCR true Parse , MedicScan® PRO , MedicScan® PRO OCR .
insurance card  scanner

ScanShell 800DXN - A6 duplex ID card scanner
The ScanShell 800DXN is a fast A6 duplex A6 card scanner that captures both sides of a scanned document, and provides a high quality image. The scanner is light weight (17.9oz/480g ) and has a small footprint and a USB connection. The Scanshell 800DXN A6 duplex ID card scanner provides a double side scanning and is convenience for both mobile and desktop use.
Bundled software : DocShell
Portable duplex scanner
Our innovative multi-purpose scanning solutions include a variety of scanning software, combined with dedicated hardware such as a business card scanner, or ID scanner, that scan personal cards such as a driver license, an ID card, a passport, a business card , medical insurance card etc., as well as checks, photos and documents.

We provide solutions for scanning business cards both to Microsoft Outlook® or a file or to a database, driver license
scanning to database or file, Medicscan insurance card scanner and many more other scanning solutions.

Our software incorporates the latest OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, which uses advanced image processing and field identification capabilities to read and process the information on driver licenses and various
cards and documents.

The combination of accurate OCR with advanced image processing and our ID scanner yields a perfect software
for scanning identification documents.
business card scanner
The Scanshell and Magshell scanner product families provide ultra-compact and external power-free scanning convenience.
The scanners are powered by the computer's USB bus, excluding the requirement for an external power supply.

They have a small footprint and are very simple to use - if automatic feeding is enabled, all you need to do is feed in a card, and the scanning process will be started and completed automatically. Using cutting edge technology,
the scanner's scan-time is around three seconds meaning batch jobs can be processed at a rate of over 1000 cards
per hour.
id scanner

idScan - Scan to file
Driver License -ID Scanner
Magnetic Stripe -Read ID Magnetic Stripes
Barcode -Barcode scanner
Checks -Scan Checks
Business Cards -Business card scanner
Passports -Passport scanner
Scanshell -Scan image

Medicscan - Medical cards scanning
Medicscan -Medical card scanner
Medicscan OCR -Insurance card scanner
Medicscan PRO -Scanning insurance cards
Medicscan PRO OCR -Insurance card reader - Scan to database
Driver License -ID Reader
Magnetic Stripe -ID Magnetic Reader
Barcode -ID Barcode Reader
Checks -Checks Scanner
Business Cards -Business Card Scanner
Passports -Passport Reader
Scanshell Pro -Image only

SnapShell - New ID scanner
SnapShell R2 -Drivers license scanner
Contacts applications
Scan2Contacts -Scan to Outlook
Scan2CRM -Scan to CRM
Hardware - Scanners
ScanShell 800N -Card Scanner
ScanShell 2000N -Portable scanner
ScanShell 3100DN -Duplex scanner
ScanShell 1000N -Flatbed scanner
MagShell 900 -Magnetic card reader
Our Business card scanner and ID Scanner can save you time and money.
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