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Business card reader
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Business Card Reader    Only: $379

ScanShell.Net - Business Card Reader

ScanShell.Net for Business Cards features:
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Scan business cards into a powerful database
Extracts both data and image
Just a few seconds per scan
No external power needed
Auto detect function - just place the card in the scanner
Fully mobile small print business card reader
Supports Windows 7 for Business Card is an easy-to-use Business Card Reader module that scans business cards. It provides you with the card's text information arranged in appropriate database fields, as well as the card image, giving you the perfect solution for extracting and archiving business cards information.

One of's powerful capabilities is the categorization. Categories help the user to sort the records in the database, and allow to produce useful reports by performing a search based on categories. For example, the user can sort the records read by the Business Card Reader into the database according to business associates, VIP customers, badly-paying customers, etc., or even customers that the user would like to call later.

Once categories are attached to records, user can easily perform a search and print or export a report, with a record list sorted according to the desired criteria. Our Business Card Reader with allow the user great flexibility in assigning categories. User can edit existing categories, delete categories, or create as many new categories as he likes.

ScanShell 800N /NR( business card reader ) Specifications:

Dimensions (LxWxH) : 185mm x 52mm x 40mm
Weight : 210g (7.4 ounce)
Interface : USB
Optical Resolution : 600 dpi x 1200 dpi
Scanning Area: A6, Maximum 4.2" x 7.0" (107mm x 178mm)
business card reader

Our Business Card Reader is an excellent solution for:
Car Dealers and Car Rentals who need to get a copy of the customer's driver licence as a part of the selling process.
Bars & Clubs who need to identify the age of their customers.
Liquor Stores who need to identify the age of their customers.
Places who need to have an access and visitors control, like schools, clubs and many more.
Loan and mortgage Brokers who need a copy of their customer's ID card.

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