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Scan driver licenses - ScanShell
Hardware + Software
Buy our driver license scanner now!    Only: $379

1-Year Warranty

Free technical support.
Secure online payment.

Optional scanners:

A6 duplex driver license scanner
Duplex driver license scanner
Hardware + Software
Buy duplex driver license scanner now!     Only: $509

A4 document scanner
Hardware + Software
scan driver's license    Only: $379

A4 duplex scanner
Hardware + Software
    Only: $509

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Calibration & cleaning papers

ScanShell 800N Drivers

ScanShell 800NR Drivers

Calibration & cleaning papers - Image only

(Formerly Scanshell Pro)

Bundled driver license scanner: ScanShell 800NR

Scan Driver Licenses

Saves only an image of the card into a database

  • Capable of scanning driver license, ID card, and even rigid plastic credit cards with embossed letters.
  • Just 3 seconds scan time per card.
  • Automatic card feed detection.
  • Scan driver licenses into a database that enables to catalog, sort and manage the scanned card images .
  • Image processing is done automatically in the background.
  • Keep both sides of the card images on the same card record.
Insurance cardS scanner medical cardS scanning Windows 8/7/Vista/XP 32 and 64 bit compliant
Any questions?
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Pre-sale FAQs or
Post-sale FAQs first.

A multi purpose driver license scanning system, designed for speed and simplicity.
The user-friendly software controls the scanner functionality, scanning and processing scanned images at a maximum speed.

Simply feed the ID's and Drivers Licenses into the ScanShell 800N tray - and will do the rest !

The image of the driver license is scanned into a powerful database with sorting, reporting and categorization capabilities.

ScanShell 800NR ( driver license scanner ) Specifications:

Dimensions (LxWxH) : 185mm x 52mm x 40mm
Weight : 210g (7.4 ounce)
Interface : USB
Optical Resolution : 600 dpi x 1200 dpi
Scanning Area: A6, Maximum 4.2" x 7.0" (107mm x 178mm)
scans driver licenses

Scan driver licenses with our driver license scanner for:
Storage management places ,who need to manage customers data and payment details.
Equipment rental businesses ,who need to manage customers data and payment details.
Loan and mortgage Brokers who need to have full information on their customers.

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Scanshell/net/800N is ideal to scan driver licenses.

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