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  • Scan software for driver license, ID card, and even rigid plastic credit cards with embossed letters.
  • Automatic card feed detection.
  • Scan software into a database that enables to catalog, sort and manage the scanned card images .
  • Image processing is done automatically in the background.
  • Our scan software keeps both sides of the card images on the same card record.
Insurance cardS scanner medical cardS scanning Windows 8/7/Vista/XP 32 and 64 bit compliant
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ScanShell.Net is an easy to use modular scan software from Card Scanning Solutions (CSSN). It is capable of reading both sides of a card’s printed information as well as the barcode and magnetic strip data and it also has a powerful and flexible database for storing the cards' images and data. With this efficient and accurate scan software, obtaining and maintaining card information has never been easier.

ScanShell.Net scan software is capable of reading card printed information from a wide variety of cards including:

  • Driver licenses ­ Includes extraction of barcode and magnetic strip data. Capable of scanning both 1D and PDF 417 2D barcodes and is capable of reading any AAMVA and ISO compliant driver’s license with a magnetic strip.
  • Business cards - Provides the business the card's text information arranged in appropriate database fields, as well as the card’s image.
  • Checks - Provides check's high resolution image, as well as the check's data information such as the name and address of the payer and payee and check amount which is arranged in appropriate database fields. It uses MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) technology to read the check's MICR line which enables the software to provide you with the check number, account number and routing number.
  • Medical cards - Provides the medical card's image as well as extracted data into a database.

This multipurpose card scan software to a database also offers advanced features which include:

  • Ability to add notes and categories to extracted data and image
  • Printing module is available to print in various formats such as envelopes and labels
  • Ability to fully customize the application based on your requirements
  • Processes can be automated

ScanShell.Net is TWAIN compatible so you can use your own scanner to scan business cards, checks and more. With this efficient scan software solution, you can easily extract the text data and image from a variety of cards and documents. In this way, accuracy and speed of data collection is increased. With the required information stored in a database with sorting, reporting and categorization capabilities, your staff will be able to focus on customer service and business without the hassle while still enhancing productivity.

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