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Truly Portable Scanner

Review of the ScanShell 2000NR

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Portable scanners features

Not too many people have wanted to carry a bulky additional scanner with their laptop. On the other hand, many lightweight portable scanners simply failed to deliver quality reproduction or could accommodate any major demands on use, such as multiple page documents. Many so-called “portable scanners” also had the effect of making reproduction images (or targets) either hard to read, or reflecting badly as a sales or communication tool.

(1) Ability to reproduce high tone quality. The “dots per inch,” or dpi, describes the resolution of output and input. The 2000NR portable scanner delivers 600 dpi...what you have every right to expect from a quality scanner: don’t take less. Being able to accurately capture images from photographs at 600 dpi is another of the advances in the 2000NR. Without getting too complicated, being able to manipulate the tones in a photograph (one real challenge to other portable scanners) relies not only upon the resolution, but also the scanner’s ability to capture at that resolution. The 2000NR portable scanner actually achieves this desirable output, on a consistent basis.

(2) Bit-depth. Images that are stored on a computer don’t really have a dpi. The designers of the 2000NR portable scanner has successfully tackled the need for assuring that the image capture is higher than the bit-depth specified for most digital images likely to be needed away from an office. By being able to truly capture at 600 dpi, you will be able to be sure you’re capturing all of the target data.

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