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The Portable Scanner for Mobile



Portable Scanner

The portable scanner is the perfect technology for today’s mobile salesperson. When you’re working on the road, away from your home office with all of its faxes and scanners, it’s important to have a way of staying in touch. What your PDA and your phone can’t do for you, the portable scanner can.

The portable scanner is a mobile, ergonomic device that you can easily carry in your briefcase to accompany you wherever you go. With its small frame and sleek shell, it’s a professional and impressive tool to both work with and display. The portable scanner assists today’s mobile salesperson by providing a fast and accurate way to capture all new contacts and leads through business card scanning.

This technology is a great way for the mobile salesperson to network with confidence. Before the portable scanner came into popular use, collecting business cards was a difficult chore. The tiny cards often got lost in the car, buried in the briefcase, or forgotten at the home or office. With the portable scanner, however, your meet-and-greet efforts won’t go to waste ­ you can capture and archive new leads as soon as you get them. All you have to do is insert the business card into the scanner and wait five seconds to permanently store the information.

Here’s a great example of how the scanner can improve sales. Imagine that you’re a salesperson representing a medical equipment company. Your job is to drive through your region promoting the products that your company offers. Every day you meet new people from new businesses, and view them all as potential clients. You probably exchange business cards with a dozen people a day, but let at least a third of these valuable contacts are lost when their business cards get misplaced on the road.

With the scanner, however, your salesmanship (and sales) can drastically improve. Instead of misplacing valuable business cards, you can follow every lead with the portable scanner. Now, as soon as you get a business card, you scan it, e-mail it to yourself, and follow up the next day. Before you know it, your sales have increased and you’re doing more business than you thought possible.

You won’t ever lose another business lead while you’re working on the road with the efficient, user-friendly portable scanner.

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