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Passport reader

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Ensure Port Security with Passport



Passport reader

The passport reader is quickly becoming an essential tool in maintaining international security. Already commonly used in airports to register passengers and screen documents at passport control, the passport reader is finding more and more use outside airports. Its versatility and accuracy make it the ideal tool for screening travelers through all types of border control, from air to land to sea. Ports and harbors using the passport reader to verify documents implement security standards that protect both local and national interests.

When a ship arrives at a port, it must undergo a thorough check before its passengers and goods may be allowed to enter into a new country. This is a very difficult and laborious task to undertake. That's where the passport reader comes in. The reader comes in many formats to suit all of the needs of border control. From the desktop model capable of scanning perfectly accurate, full-page images, to the portable model that simply scans one line at a time, you'll find whatever you're looking for.

Matching the model to the task is quite simple. The port or harbor authority personnel working in an office can benefit from using the desktop passport reader. With its small footprint and easy connection to a computer system, it's a great way to verify identity. When, for example, a big shipment of goods arrives from Mexico to the port in Houston, each disembarking passenger's passport must be scanned. Instead of tediously typing in each passport holder's information into the computer, why not use the passport reader to simplify and speed up the task? By placing the front page of the passport onto the scanner, the reader will scan and upload the passport information in mere seconds. You get the perfect scanned image of the full passport page on your computer without having to use awkward scanners and slow connections.

For the port or harbor employee, it’s best to use the hand-held passport reader. Walking the docks and making random passport checks has never been easier. The security of the port will increase tenfold with the use of the reader. Those patrolling the harbor will know immediately if someone belongs there or not. Illegal entrances into the country will be hard to achieve with the accurate scanning technology of the reader. With its durable shell and ergonomic structure, it's the perfect tool for the rigorous, on-demand job of the harbor patrol.

Whether it's a cruise ship full of tourists, a shipment of imports, or an unidentified vessel, the passport reader is there for every step to protect the port. Its highly accurate scans alert you to fake or illegal documents within seconds. By checking against blacklists, unauthorized persons will be refused entry. Protecting the harbor has never been faster, easier or more secure.

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