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MedicScan® Press Release - Part 3

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MedicScan® software promises to bridge the gaps between almost all existing office software, ease of use, cost recovery, and the growing demands of HIPAA. Any new scanning system can more easily address the HIPAA privacy rules than can traditional paper record-keeping:

  1. The right to decide exactly how health information will be used
  2. The right to access their own medical records
  3. The right to correct their medical records
  4. The right to file a complaint when violations occur
  5. The right to timely and accurate notice of privacy practices
  6. The right to know who, when, where, and why access to their records occurs.
  7. The right solution is MedicScan®

Since Congressional passage of HIPAA in 1996, there have been increased pressures, including legal claims and third-party payor audits, for fuller compliance with patient rights, indirectly emphasizing record keeping. As technology has improved, these demands for compliance have become more complicated. This explains why the American Hospital Association estimates hospital industry costs alone, for HIPAA compliance, will top $20 billion. Scanning promises to be the single greatest tool to address these mounting costs, and MedicScan® is a promising solution.

MedicScan® is only one of many solutions from ScanShell Store. To learn more about identifying the best medical scanning equipment and software at the lowest market price available, visit:

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