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MedicScan® Press Release - Part 2

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According to knowledgeable users of MedicScan® software, these audit and accuracy issues drive the recent entrance of a major retailer into specialized medical scanning equipment. For example, MedicScan® technology highlights just one of the great advantages of moving from hard copy to electronic data. Many scanner sales (mistakenly) presume that only a single document needs to be stored at a time. MedicScan® advances the advantages of scanners that accommodate collation of data from several sources: most patient data is now actually contained not only on a single card, but on several cards. One disadvantage of this ‘multi-layered’ paper document filing has been the potential for miscoding, misfiling, and thus losing track of related documents.

By paying attention to these ‘multiple document’ issues, MedicScan® software has also necessarily been built to be “TWAIN” (or ISIS–another common technology standard) compliant. TWAIN is an industry wide standard that allows a computer to communicate with a graphic device, such as a scanner or digital camera. Nearly all scanners, digital cameras, and web cams are TWAIN compliant.

Scanners other than MedicScan® , if not TWAIN compliant, can work only with more limited, specific software. The manufacturer of these non-TWAIN devices may provide any necessary equipment for the device. TWAIN compliance saves money, increases efficiency, irretrievability, and eases the time spent waiting for replacement parts. For example, Microsoft Word supports acquiring an image from a ‘twain’ compliant camera or scanner ( Word Perfect, Adobe Photoshop, OmniPage Pro). The cables also must be TWAIN compliant. For example, most standard printer cables are not TWAIN compliant, and won’t work correctly with a scanner (even if the connections fit).

For all these reasons, it’s more important than ever to not only find the best price, but also the most wide-ranging scanner support services possible. In this regard, one of the most popular aspects of MedicScan® software is that it is easy to use. There’s no need for expensive or complicated IT specialists to install or upgrade components or devices.

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