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MedicScan® Press Release - Part 1

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  2. MedicScan® Press Release part II

  3. MedicScan® Press Release part III


Press Release IMMEDIATE March 18, 2007

MedicScan® software, though not yet widely known, promises to revolutionize medical record keeping. At least one leading on-line retailer ( is determined to let medical staff see the advances of the new software, wed to the best in new scanner technology, for patient record storage and retrieval.

Because of increased concerns about accurate medical record keeping, scanners like MedicScan® are increasingly automating the most important aspects of medical practice. Because of the importance of accurate record keeping, from billing to reimbursable, these scanned records also need to be user-friendly, often in a high-stress environment so common in medical care.

In fact, HIPAA statistics suggest that data-entry errors remain the consistent reason for delayed insurance payments for services.

One of the best breakthroughs in tailoring medical office practices to scanning technology is MedicScan® software, available from The good news is that the benefits of MedicScan® are not confined to a single type or size of medical practice. On a cost-to-return basis, MedicScan® is paying for itself (often within months) when integrated into any medical practice’s attention to integrated practice management.
Addressing real concerns about privacy, while enhancing record accuracy, is often at the core of any medical office upgrading to scanning equipment. The dilemma has been to assure unparalleled scanning accuracy with varied, less predictable human factors.

These varied concerns also explain why so many experts insist that simply using any scanner, without regard to the peculiar demands of medical practice, makes no sense. In the short term, picking the wrong scanner system wastes valuable medical time. Potentially worse, there are long term risks of not having accurate data, or of losing accumulated data to unauthorized third parties. HIPAA standards, providing patients with the right to conduct an ‘audit trail’ of their records, means that paper trails will eventually become a competitive impediment: offices not using scanning will face higher cost pressures, and even potential liability for violating acceptable standards of practice.

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