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Truly Portable Scanners

Review of the ScanShell 2000NR

  1. What are portable scanners

  2. Portable scanner features

  3. Portable scanner more features

Portable scanner more features

(3) Signal-to-noise. One of the most common complaints about truly portable scanners had been the inconsistency of images...often varying notably in quality from scan to scan of seemingly identical targets. In strictly mechanical terms, the 2000NR portable scanner also accomplishes an important goal, by providing an accurate capture of larger documents, as large as a legal size (8.5 X 14"). Lawyers will welcome the level of accurate reproduction of these documents.

(4) Budget. Budget battles have followed the general trend for electronics, making mid-priced portable scanners sell for about $300. This has greatly expanded the available options for scanners, and any portable scanner in that price range should deliver at least 600 dpi. The great news is that the 2000N portable scanner delivers this high quality in such a truly light-weight unit, while keeping the price down. Comparable flat-bed units (such as a model from Fujitsu’s 4220 series) will certainly deliver more copies per minute² , but come at a hefty price and no better dpi than the 2000N.

Fundamentally, for a quality portable unit well under $180, the 2000NR portable scanner delivers on a potential to be a welcome addition anywhere you need it. Ultimately, this versatility means you will be getting close to having the perfect scanner: one you will be most likely to use, most often.

²The 2000NR portable scanner will still give up to three (3) pages per minute in black and white, or one page (1) color ppm: an important consideration for many effective portable uses.

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