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Looking for an insurance card scanning software? MedicScan® OCR is the perfect solutions for you.

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Insurance Card scanning
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A6 card scanner
Insurance Cards scanning
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A6 duplex card scanner
Insurance Card scanning
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A4 document scanner
scanning insurance cards
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New - Camera ID scanner
Insurance Card scanner
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ScanShell 3100D Drivers

MedicScan® OCR True Parse

MedicScan® OCR New Version
Insurance Card scanning with ScanShell 3100D
Scan the data and image of medical cards into a file

MedicScan® OCR True Parse with ScanShell 3100D is an insurance card scanning package, that can scan insurance cards and save the image of both sides of the card into one PDF file,and the extracted textual data, into a text file.

MedicScan® OCR True Parse with ScanShell 3100D features:
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Extracts card's data and image and saves them to a file.
The card is detected and scanned automatically.
The insurance cards scanning is done only in a few seconds per scan.
Integrates into existing management software.
Export to a database, Word, Excel and more.
The data can be sent by Email, FTP or the web.
The scanner is small and lightweight with a USB connection.
reading insurance cards Windows 8/7/Vista/XP 32 and 64 bit compliant

MedicScan® OCR True Parse has a powerful OCR mechanism. When the insurance cards scanning process takes place with MedicScan® OCR True Parse, it extracts the textual information from the card’s image into appropriate text fields, and saves the data and images into external file, clipboard or third party software.

MedicScan® OCR True Parse has a user friendly data extraction configuration. User can decide whether he wants to extract full card's image or not, and in case of ID cards, select to extract face image and signature image too. User can select where to export the extracted data, to a predefined web address, or a user-selected text file. He can also define the file naming, image type, resolution and many more parameters

The user has the possibility to define that the data extracted in the insurance cars scanning process will be saved to a text file, which will have the same name as the image file (ending with the .txt extension), and it will be placed in the directory where the images file is saved.

ScanShell 3100D features:
The ScanShell 3100D is an A4 duplex scanner and has a small footprint. It is a lightweight scanner with a connection to the computer’s USB port and doesn’t require any power supply .The ScanShell 3100D scans both sides of the card in one scan, and the scanned images can be converted into one PDF file.

Live update
MedicScan® OCR True Parse has a Live Update option that enables the user to keep the software updated with the latest version by using the Internet. The Live Update module checks for updates whenever the user is connected to the Internet, and updates the software automatically with the most recent version.

ScanShell 3100D ( A4 duplex scanner ) Specifications:
Interface : USB 2.0 (High Speed)
Dimensions (LxWxH) : 8’ x 2.75’ x 1.8’
Weight : 16.9oz (480g)
Optical Resolution : 600 dpi x 1200 dpi
Scanning Area: A6, maximum 4.25in x 7.25in (106mm x 184mm)
read insurance cards with medicscan ocr

Interactive card’s image
Insurance card scanners

Insurance Card scanning with MedicScan® OCR True Parse. Our solution is excellent for:
Busy medical clinics who need Insurance Card scanning solution instead of spending a lot of time photocopying ID and insurance cards, as well as other medical documents
Hospitals front desks who want to save time when handling insurance cards-photocopying.
Medical offices who struggle to retrieve hard copies from stored patient files.
Front offices of patient care facilities that want to enhance employee productivity significantly .

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Insurance card scanning with MedicScan® OCR True Parse.

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