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Insurance card scanning software

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Insurance card scanning software

Insurance card scanning software

MedicScan® is a state-of-the-art technological solution which streamlines the patient registration process to ensure efficiency and accuracy.
ScanShell Store is a certified reseller of MedicScan® products, by CSSN (Card Scanning Solutions)

Scan image only

MedicScan® - Insurance card scanning to file

Utilize your existing scanner with MedicScan® Insurance card scanning software to capture the image from medical insurance cards and driver’s licenses and save them onto a file or export to third party application.

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Insurance card scanning solution

Medicscan PRO - Scanning insurance cards to a database

MedicScan® PRO is an easy to use database Insurance card scanning software. MedicScan® PRO has a flexible database that can be stored and accessed anywhere on an office network. User can pre-define the color scheme and resolution of the scanned image, and the after scanning the insurance cards the image can be saves in different formats such as: bmp, tiff, jpg, pcx, tga, png, and psd.

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Insuramce card scanning to a database

Extract full data and image

MedicScan® OCR True Parse - Insurance card scanning to file

MedicScan® OCR True Parse automatically extract vital information from the insurance cards, and can place the data into appropriate fields. In addition to this, the image of the card is interactive, allowing the user to select specific fields, parts of a field, or even multiple fields together for additional extraction.

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Insurance cards scanning software

Medicscan PRO OCR - Insurance cards scanning to a database

MedicScan® PRO OCR is an insurance card scanning software , that scans insurance cards and saves both the image and the extracted textual data, into a database. MedicScan® PRO OCR has an extensive OCR capabilities. It extracts the textual information from the medical insurance card from both sides of an insurance card (scanning each side separately), and provides you with the card's image as well as extracted data into a database, ready to be exported into various applications, email, FTP and the web.

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Insurance card scanning

Medicscan PRO Viewer - View database

The MedicScan® PRO Viewer is MedicScan® PRO without a scanner, and no writing rights. Its an application that allows to communicate with the database created by MedicScan® PRO and MedicScan® PRO OCR.

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Insurance card scanning as easy as it should be

Medicscan insurance card scanning software

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