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idScan ID OCR Software

Convert your TWAIN compliant scanner into an
ID scanning powerhouse

idScan ID OCR software is the only ID OCR software on the market which recognizes various and newest versions of licenses from
all 50 states as well as selected international identification cards.
Please check the list of additional supported ID cards.

Idscan OCR software:
  • The only ID OCR scanning software that can truly extract text and read all 50 US states.
  • Extract both data and images.
  • Use three technologies for verification of ID cards authenticity .
  • Capture a full image of the license, or face & signature image only.
  • Supports duplex scanning when using duplex scanners
id scanning software Windows 8/7/Vista/XP 32 and 64 bit compliant
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With our ID OCR Software you can scan and process ID document information with the touch of a button. Save the images into a file and extract all relevant data with idScan’s advanced optical character recognition.

idScan auto detects card and photo insertion and instantly scans the ID and processes all the information. idScan ID OCR Software also supports duplex scanning when used with a duplex scanner. Predefined settings allows automatic image, color and orientation manipulation. idScan extracts the document's image and text data is automatically sent to appropriate text fields into a file or to the clipboard. All extracted data can be exported to various applications including sales automation and contact management or sent to email, FTP and the web.

idScan OCR software includes the following modules:
ID OCR softwareDriver Licenses
WIith our OCR Software you can scan driver's licenses and extracts the document's image and text data. idScan can read and truly extract text for all 50 US state drivers licenses.
ID card bar code OCR softwareID card bar code (1D&2D pdf417)
Capable of reading 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes from driving licenses to social services and national ID cards.
Checks ocr scanning software Magnetic ID Reader
The magnetic ID reader module of idScan ID OCR Software reads magnetic stripes of driver licenses, and extracts the data into an external file or the clipboard.
twain scanner software Passports
Scans passports and driver licenses, and provides you with both the image and text information arranged into appropriate text fields.
Checks scanning Checks
Scan full text of check information as well as the MICR line information and provides the user with an image of the check and the relevant text information.
Medical cards scanning software Medical cards
Capture the image of medical insurance cards from both sides of the card plus extracts the card's text information ready to be attached to the patient's electronic chart .
Business card scanning  softwareBusiness cards
Our OCR software enables you to scan business cards and provide the user with an image of the card and the relevant text information.

International support of our ID OCR Software:
To see the full list of supported ID cards in Canada or Australia, please click on the relevant flag.

Au Australia Ca Canada ES El Salvador Is Israel Mx Mexico Pa Panama Ro Romania Sw Switzerland
Ba Bahamas Ch Chile Fr France It Italy Ne Netherlands Pe Peru Si Singapore Tu Turkey
Be Belgium Ch China Ge Germany Li Lithuania NZ New Zealand Po Poland SA South Africa UK United Kingdom
Be Bermuda CR Costa Rica Gu Guatemala Lu Luxembourg Ni Nicaragua Po Portugal Sp Spain US All 50 US states
Br Brazil Cr Croatia In Indonesia Ma Malaysia No Norway PR Puerto Rico Sw Sweden

Australian supported ID cards:
New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia,Northern Territory

Canadian supported ID cards:
Canadian Citizen ID, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, North West Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan

Our OCR software suppoerts the following additional ID cards:
- Permanent Resident (Green Card).
- USA Army.
- Social Security Card.
- NY Police department.
- Matricula consular (Mexican Id).
- Student Id (UMASS, Boston Un., Emerson Clg., Harvard Un., NorthEastern Un., Suffolk Un.).
- Employment card.

idScan - Scan to file
Driver License -ID Scanner
Magnetic Stripe -Read ID Magnetic Stripes
Barcode -Barcode scanner
Checks -Scan Checks
Business Cards -Business card scanner
Passports -Passport scanner
Scanshell -Scan image

Medicscan - Medical cards scanning
Medicscan -Medical card scanner
Medicscan OCR -Insurance card scanner
Medicscan PRO -Scanning insurance cards
Medicscan PRO OCR -Insurance card reader - Scan to database
Driver License -ID Reader
Magnetic Stripe -ID Magnetic Reader
Barcode -ID Barcode Reader
Checks -Checks Scanner
Business Cards -Business Card Reader
Passports -Passport Reader
Scanshell Pro -Image only

SnapShell - New ID scanner
SnapShell R2 -Drivers license scanner
Contacts applications
Scan2Contacts -Scan to Outlook
Scan2CRM -Scan to CRM
Hardware - Scanners
ScanShell 800N -Card Scanner
ScanShell 2000N -Portable scanner
ScanShell 3100DN -Duplex scanner
MagShell 900 -Magnetic card reader

idScan OCR - Perfect, comprehensive ID OCR software.

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