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ID scanners protect those who sell alchohol and tobacco

Why an ID scanner? In any town in America you can hear a story in the news about someone selling tobacco or alcohol to minors. An ID scanner would help that problem go away forever. Naturally, the person accused of performing the sale swears they checked ID. Chances are they didn't have an ID scanner. But with so many out-of-state travelers with different identification formats, it's difficult for everyone to know what's real and what's not. Add into the mix that bartenders and convenience store clerks often have peak times where impatient people have formed a long line, taking the extra time to perform ID check is not always something that gets done.

Enter the ID scanner. Technology like the ID scanner used to only be found on TV but now been made readily available to the public. Now, even the small town business owner can afford to have their own ID scanner. What they can't afford is not to have one.

Today's ID scanner can range in quality and price, but here's something you should know. You can find an ID scanner that can read the magnet stripe on the back of an ID and also scan and recognize the ID from all fifty of the US states. What does that mean for the busy bar owner that minors love to sneak into? It means that he can buy an id scanner and check an ID in seconds and know that his customer is of age and able to buy. Now there's no more straining the eyes with a flashlight-no more worrying about knowing the different state formats for licenses. With an id scanner there's no more worrying about long lines building up while a person manually inspects each and every ID.

Investing in an ID scanner may seem a little frivolous, but when you consider the cost of selling to minors, an ID scanner is chump change. For the cost of one ID scanner you couldn't pay the fines for selling to a minor, much less start a new business after your current one got shut down... all because you didn't have an id scanner. Looking at it that way, you can see why a business that sells alchohol or tobacco can't afford not to have an ID scanner. Think of an ID scanner as insurance. You can't survive that business without insurance, you can't survive that business without an ID scanner.

Having an ID scanner doesn't just protect you from selling to minors. An ID scanner can also protect your from people who write you bad checks. Once you start running licenses through your ID scanner, you might find out that not just minors have fake ID's. Your ID scanner could really save you a lot of hassles.

The benefits of having an ID scanner definitely outweigh the costs of having one. In most situations an ID scanner is going to be a business expense and therefore a cost that you can write off on your taxes. That's yet another reason a good ID scanner is an affordable asset.

The ID scanner is so easy to use, that there's no reason to be concerned about employee training to operate the device. After you set up your ID scanner, it should only take a few minutes for everyone to learn how to operate the ID scanner. If you're still not convinced that your establishment could benefit from an ID scanner, or you don't know where to get an ID scanner, do a search on the web and see what others are saying about their ID scanner. Chances are, you'll relate to some of the people who are using their ID scanner with great results. Remember, if you're selling alcohol or tobacco, you can't afford not to have an ID scanner today.

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