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The Duplex Scanner ­ It’s Invaluable for

the Business Traveler


Duplex Scanner

One of the most important factors in maintaining an effective business is staying organized. Take the example of a traveling businessman: Upon landing in Tokyo, the businessman gathers his suitcase and embarks on a brief, but important, company journey. He is scheduled to meet high-priority clients to secure a profitable business deal. In addition, he must network to generate new business. His home company is counting on him to complete these tasks in two days. The job appears daunting, but with his duplex scanner in hand, he can succeed.

The duplex scanner helps the businessman stay organized. During his meet-and-greets, he will undoubtedly receive many business cards. Instead of collecting them in his pockets and losing them along the journey, he can simply turn to the duplex scanner. The duplex scanner allows him to digitally scan and instantly keep record of the information that’s listed on a business card. Why lug an old-fashioned scanner in a suitcase, or collect, and inevitably lose, cards to scan at home? Instead, he can archive card details the same day he receives them. The home office will have the information immediately, without depending on him to retain hundreds of cards for the journey home.

The duplex scanner isn't just any scanner. Its clever design puts a unique twist on a familiar product. What makes this scanner so special is its ability to scan not just one, but both sides of a business card simultaneously - the back of a business card can be just as important as the front. You’ve probably used the back of a business card to jot down any number of useful facts. Home telephone numbers, future travel dates, change of address, and the names of references are just a few examples. Therefore, it’s important to capture both sides of the card.

The duplex scanner is simpler than scanning both sides separately, and far easier than typing the information to spreadsheets. With its simple connection capability, the information uploads onto a laptop within seconds. Two perfectly recorded images appear in the software program, one of each side of the card. At the very least, the workload is cut in half.

Forget about bringing home a briefcase full of disorganized business cards. Instead, choose to travel with the small and lightweight duplex scanner. It's the ideal, economic product for the business traveler.

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