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Capture All Leads with the

Business Card Scanner


Every good businessperson knows that success is not just measured by what you know, but whom you know. The best method to increase the "who you know" is to network, network, and network. There’s no better way to publicize your company’s name than to promote every chance you get. Whether you’re at business lunches, conventions, or your child’s soccer game, you’ve got to exchange business cards with new people. You never know whom you’ll meet or where a new contact can take you. Having a business card scanner is the best way for the modern businessperson to capture all new leads.

Making a business profitable is a lot of hard work, but the business card scanner can help. The scanner does just what its name implies ­ it’s a small device that’s used to scan business cards. It’s the perfect device to assist you with the important, but often-tiresome task of retaining the hundreds of business cards you collect every year.

Every businessperson has a story about how a random connection and the simple exchange of business cards helped propel a business forward. Sometimes a friendly exchange on an airplane can lead to a new contract overseas. Other times chatting with another parent at your child’s orchestra concert can land you a big customer. There are an infinite number of examples that demonstrate just how important exchanging business cards can be, but there’s only way to make sure that you follow every lead that you encounter: the business card scanner.

This device is a small, compact machine that can easily connect to your database software. It’s a sleek machine that won’t weigh you down or clutter your desk. All you have to do to capture a business card as an image is to place the card in the scanner and wait 5 seconds. Once the card is uploaded, you can archive it, e-mail it, or electronically file it. The business card scanner does it all for you without requiring any extra time or effort.

If you’ve always wished there was a way to lose your messy Rolodex, keep all of the valuable contacts you made at a convention, or simply organize your contacts into an easy-to-use database, purchase a business card scanner today.

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