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Storing Business Cards is Easy with a

Business Card Scanner


With so many meetings and business contacts, it’s not so easy to manage all of your business cards. You attend many trade shows, meetings, and conferences each year and the cards just seem to keep piling up. So far, your solution is to give them to your secretary to keep on file and transfer to a contact list in the computer. This process is extremely time-consuming and your secretary could be making better use of her time. With the Business card scanner you’ll be able to keep much better track of your contacts and business cards.

You can use the idScan Business card scanner module to scan a wide variety of personal and business cards. You can count on this device for a fast and reliable way to manage all your contacts. There’s no point in manually inputting the data anymore.

Networking has never been so easy. A new business card should mean a new opportunity, not another headache. The Business card scanner easily reads your cards thoroughly and captures both data and images. The Business card scanner uses state-of-the-art technology to process a wide variety of personal cards in a short period of time. This innovative device is super-easy to use, even for those people who are less than tech savvy.

With the scanner, you can transfer the scanned data to your email or the web without any hassle. Gone are the days when you, your secretary or your staff need to sit in front of the computer all day inputting info from a business or personal card. With the Business card scanner you’ll see first hand how easy it is to grab any information from a card in a matter of seconds without the need for any training sessions or undecipherable manuals.

The Business card scanner is technology that anyone can use. Thanks to its automatic card detection and scanning, you can transfer data directly into sales automation applications. Once you scan it, the information is automatically at your disposal. With the Business card scanner you won’t waste any more precious time. Hopefully, that newfound time can be put to good use.

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