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Organizing Contacts with the Business

Card Scanner


If you’re a person on the move, you undoubtedly keep a stack of business cards on you at all times. Meetings, lunches, conferences, and even social events are common places where you probably exchange information. By the end of the workday, you may have given out fifty cards and received just as much in return. Half of the cards might be stuffed in pockets while others are buried in briefcases. How can you realistically keep organized? That’s where the business card scanner comes into play.

More and more businesses are tossing the outdated Rolodex system and adopting the digital business card scanner. With the business card scanner, your receptionist doesn’t need to cringe at your request for a contact’s information. In the past, such a request would have prompted a frenzied search through incomplete and disorganized Rolodex cards. Now, the information is available with a simple click of the mouse.

With an easy to use business card scanner, cards are quickly and accurately uploaded into the software and placed into an organized database. Not only is the card's image scanned and retained, but the card's data is also placed into organized fields. By scanning a business card, the person’s name, address, phone, fax and e-mail will be automatically placed into the appropriate fields. Each card becomes an easy-to-read form. For instance, instead of the receptionist typing a business card’s details onto a spreadsheet, she simply needs to pass the business card through the scanner and all the info is automatically placed onto a database ­ within seconds.

The program's second advantage uses these forms to simplify searching. The information in the database is vast, but never out-of-reach. In a search query, simply enter information into its appropriate field. For example, if you wanted to find all your business contacts in Tucson, all you have to do is enter "Tucson" in the "address" field. Within seconds, all of the possibilities are immediately available on-screen. Adding more information narrows the search results even further.

Another plus is that the database is available to anyone with software access. Everyone in your office - secretaries, receptionists, business associates - can all contribute information to the database, creating a complete, shared record.

In the business world, contacts are key. Investing in the business card scanner means never again losing the information you work so hard to attain.

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