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Making your Business Better with a

Business Card Scanner


How many times have you received business cards from prospective clients only to lose them later on? Perhaps you placed them in your pocket and washed them by mistake, or simply misplaced them. With a Business card scanner, you’ll never again have the problem of lost or damaged business cards. You’ll know how to contact a potential contact each and every time.

A business card scanner can read your business cards by simply passing them through the scanner. It reads the information on the card such as name, address, company, and phone numbers, and arranges it in the appropriate database fields. You can then transfer the info to any other file, email, or even to the web. The business card scanner acts like your own personal secretary ­ it inputs pertinent information in a concise, accurate manner. Let’s say you’re on an out-of-town business trip and you need quick access to your contact list. You’ve forgotten your business card binder at home and you have no way to contact anybody. What do you do? If you’ve been using the business card scanner, all you have to do is search your files for your contact list. It’s right there with a click of the mouse.

The business card scanner’s portable size is another big plus ­ you can take it along to seminars or meetings, where you might collect up to 10 to 15 business cards at one time. Simply input the cards during your break and you’ll no longer have to worry about losing business cards again. In fact, your new contacts will probably be impressed that you know all of their details when you call them up the next time. It also reproduces the card’s image so you can get a look and feel of a company’s style and logo. In addition, the business card scanner doesn’t even require its own power source. Just place it alongside your laptop and you’re ready to go. You can take the scanner with you on all of your travel trips with ease.

By using the business card scanner, you can vastly improve your networking abilities. You’ll notice the difference the next time you need to contact a new business acquaintance and you have immediate access to their information.

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