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Do you need a solution for medical document scanning ? MedicScan® Pro is the perfect solution for you.

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MedicScan PRO it is the best solution for medical document scanning
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MedicScan® PRO

Medical document scanning

Scanning image of insurance cards into a powerful database

MedicScan® PRO, is an easy-to-use and efficient medical document scanning and archiving solution for patient care facilities. This database application quickly and accurately captures the images of medical insurance cards from both sides of the card and saves these images to a built-in database.

MedicScan® PRO is TWAIN compatible which means that it can easily be combined with your existing scanner to create a powerful medical document scanning solution ideal for hospitals, medical and dental offices and more.

MedicScan® PRO Capabilities:
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medical document scanning
Fully automated scanning process. Just feed media into the scanner, while image processing takes place automatically in the background.
Automatic page-feed detection.
Card insertion and image is automatically corrected by means of auto alignment.
Both sides of the card&rss images can be kept on the same patient record.
The user can pre-define the color scheme and resolution of the scanned image.
Scanned insurance cards images can be saved in different formats such as, BMP JPEG, TIFF, PNG and more
By using the internet, there is a Live Update feature that enables the user to update the software to the most recent version with a single click.
medical card scanning Windows 8/7/Vista/XP 32 and 64 bit compliant

Transform your existing scanner into a fully fledged business tool...

Included with MedicScan® PRO medical document scanning is a stand-alone database that supports up to one million patient records and an unlimited number of ID card images. Once the image is saved into the database, it can be sorted, catalogued, managed and retrieved according to various search criteria within user-defined fields. Other advanced features of the database allow you to add notes and categories, automate processes, and fully customize the application based on your requirements.

The capabilities of the MedicScan® PRO database do not end there. The database may be stored and accessed locally or anywhere on an office network. There is also an import function which enables you to add data from other databases. A printing module allows users to customize printing format and layout, including labels, envelopes and more. With this flexible database, you can also easily export cards' images to various applications, email and FTP.

With this powerful medical document scanning solution, the registration and admissions process in the medical field can be streamlined to ensure greater efficiency, reduced errors and lower costs.

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MedicScan® software is the perfect medical document scanning software for you.

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