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Insurance card scanner software
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MedicScan® OCR True Parse
Managing Patients’ medical and ID cards could not be simpler.

Scan the data and image of medical cards into a file

MedicScan® OCR True Parse is an insurance card scanner software, that scans insurance cards and saves both the image and the extracted textual data, into a file.

Key benefits:
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Improves office efficiency enabling staff to focus on patients and customers.
Encourages a paperless environment.
Addresses healthcare compliance standards.
Integrates into existing management software.
Processing, sorting and archiving are automated.
Easy to Use - Scans both sides of the card in one scan. (When used with a duplex scanner)
Fully automated scanning process
Live Update feature which ensures program is updated automatically whenever the user is connected to the internet.
insurance card scanning Windows 8/7/Vista/XP 32 and 64 bit compliant

MedicScan® OCR True Parse insurance card scanner software from Card Scanning Solutions (CSSN) is a powerful medical card scanner system. It automatically extracts vital information from medical insurance cards and ID cards. This includes the image as well as the textual data on both sides of a card. With this easy-to-use software, the time and effort of manually typing the required information is eliminated. In this way, productivity and efficiency is increased and human error is reduced.

The MedicScan® OCR True Parse is a TWAIN compliant insurance card scanner software which means that it can be utilized with your existing scanner.

Our insurance card scanner software has extensive Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities it is able to extract the card’s text information and place it into appropriate fields in other applications. Through a user friendly and interactive window, the data can then be attached to the patient's electronic chart, saved to a file, or exported to various 3rd party applications.

The insurance card scanner software has a flexible data extraction configuration which enables the image of the card to be interactive. A user can select to extract the full card's image or select to only extract face and signature images. Specific fields, parts of a field, or even multiple fields on the card may also be selected for additional data extraction. It is then possible to define the extracted text and save it to a text file. This text file will have the same name as the image file which is placed in the directory where the image files are saved. This data can then be exported to a user selected text file or to a predefined web address.

Our insurance card scanner software is an excellent solution for automating the process of obtaining information from patient’s medical insurance cards. MedicScan® OCR True Parse effectively eliminates the time and efforts of manually typing and managing insurance card information.

Interactive card’s image
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MedicScan® OCR True Parse is the perfect insurance card scanner software for you.

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