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Bars and Restaurants Use the ID Scanner


ID Scanner

Every alcohol-serving establishment needs to have an electronic ID scanner. With underage drinking on the rise, it's more important than ever for entertainment venues to know whom they're selling to. The ID scanner allows businesses to protect themselves against the heavy fines and lawsuits that come with serving alcohol to minors. Instead of relying on the judgment of busy employees to check ID validity, businesses can use advanced ID scanner technology. The ID scanner offers alcohol-serving establishments a fast and accurate way to confirm the age of their customers.

In the past, business owners tried to abide by the law in the only way they knew how. Servers were trained to ask for ID from younger clientele and calculate date-of-birth to determine legality. This method, however, does not take into account the variations between real and fake IDs. The fake ID business is profitable and uses technology to closely mimic real IDs. No matter how trained the employee, no human method of fake ID detection i s 100% accurate. Despite the best efforts of bouncers and bartenders, some fake ID holders are served alcohol. When caught by undercover police, the establishment faces huge fines for each violation adding up to tens of thousands of dollars in losses.

Picture a college town bar that doesn't use the ID scanner. On the night of a big football victory, hundreds of students pass through the bar to celebrate. Not all of them, however, are of the legal drinking age. In the rush, some fake ID holders’ slip past overworked bouncers. When the police conduct a random ID check, they discover a number of underage drinkers on the premises. The bar can get slapped with a heavy fine for each violation.

The only way to truly distinguish real and fake is by using ID scanner technology. The small, mobile scanner is perfect for bartenders, servers and bouncers to carry. Instead of squinting through the darkness to check authenticity, alcohol servers can simply pass the ID through the ID scanner. Within seconds, the scanner has processed the ID's information and verified its authenticity. Those IDs that do not pass the scan will be exposed as fake documents. Underage drinkers trying to get illegal service will be refused.

With the ID scanner, alcohol-serving establishments can be 100% sure that they are serving their clientele without violating the law.

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